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Professional Digital Hair Trimmer Rechargeable Electric Hair Clipper Low Noise Men's Cordless Haircut Adjustable Ceramic Blade

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Professional Digital Hair Trimmer Rechargeable Electric Hair Clipper Low Noise Men's Cordless Haircut Adjustable Ceramic Blade


Intelligent control system, the whole body can be washed.
Stainless steel sharp-angled cutter head, sharp and wear-resistant, smooth hair cut, cut hair quickly, avoid pulling hair.
R-shaped acute angle design, smooth and round, soft and close to the skin.
The LCD screen, the power is clearly visible, showing the time of use and the remaining available time.
With multiple limit combs, it is convenient to trim different hairstyles.
When it detects that the battery is too low, it will intelligently remind charging.
Smart washing tips. IPX7 waterproof, washable and easy to clean.
USB charging design, can be connected to mobile power, car charger, computer and other charging.
Large capacity lithium battery, continuous battery life for 90 minutes.
Multi-functional container: The replaceable accessories are multi-purpose. It is a nose hair device, razor, and styling device, allowing you to change various shapes at will.
Intelligent travel lock can prevent the hair clipper from being opened by mistake. Press and hold for 3 seconds to lock / unlock and go out to open the travel lock to prevent bumps and accidental booting.
The trimmer can quickly trim unwanted nose and ear hair without cutting your ears or nose.
The streamlined comfortable handle is non-slip and easy to grip for more comfortable grip.
Removable head for easy cleaning.
The small size is convenient for travel and home storage, and can easily handle any occasion. This is the best choice for business people.
Stylish appearance and smart design, suitable for gifts for father, husband, boyfriend and son.
Product Name: Electric Hair Clipper
Product model: FK-8688
Charging time: 1.5 hours
Use time: 90 minutes
Rated voltage: 100V-240V
Body power: 5W
Blade material: stainless steel blade
Charging method: charging / plug-in dual-use
Full size trimmer head x 1
Design trimmer head x 1
Pricision trimmer head x 1
Micro shaver head x 1
Body trimmer head x 1
Nose/Ear trimmer head x 1
Guide combs x 5
USB cable x 1
Stand base x 1
Cleaning Brush x 1


1.waterproof, detachable, 
stainless steel blade, 
safe, durable, 
easy to maintain, easy to use, 
remove the blade and wash it directly after use, without worrying about hair accumulation and bacteria growth.
2.Is simple, easy for a variety of styles, use for all ages.
Import security cutting head, special cleaning mellow and soft of wear and cut.
Adopted the design, low noise during operation, very slim, butplease give baby a haircut after the baby falls asleep.
Clever structural design and technology can be trimmed.
Haircut limit comb.
About it:
Hairdressing cloth
Material: Polyester
Weight: about 100g / piece
Approximate size: 90cm * 140cm
Hair clipper parameters
* DC rechargeable hair clipper, color: champagne
* Charge 2 hours, discharge 2 and a half hours
* Cutter head material: carbon steel
* Battery: Ni-Cd 2 * AA600mAh 1.2V
* Body material and process: ABS
* Product size: 17.3X4.2X4.7 CM
* Single machine weight: 140 g
* Machine parameters: INPUT: 110V / 220V 3W
* Motor model: 180 # 2.4V speed: 8000
Barber scissors, flat shears + tooth shears, stainless steel